My approach to teaching voice is generally holistic: addressing all needs of each student, emotional and physical. I use language that is firmly grounded in physiology and anatomy. It is important at all times to recognize each student’s individual strengths while assisting them in understanding and setting own their goals in order to develop their own unique career paths. I insist on daily practice, keeping in good vocal health and a willingness to remain engaged with the creative learning process. Ascertaining each student’s motivations helps me to either push them towards excellence or to be a supportive presence -- if that is what will help them to thrive.

Because developing a good vocal technique often takes years, my approach focuses on the process of singing; utilizing repertoire that is appropriate to age, voice type (or character “type” for musical theater students); and to activities involved in both expression and developing coordination in the here and now, continually exercising these elements through performance.

I understand that some students have a limited time to develop and perfect their technique before they are competing nationally and internationally, keeping in mind that the final “product” is as important as the process. I am open to working very hard. Finally, my ultimate goal for students is freedom of expression- that each student can respond to dramatic impulses or musical ideas in a healthful and effective way, and they will cultivate an emotional intensity backed up with technical security in their singing.  Successful students will leave my studio with enough technical understanding to stay on their path, and “teach themselves.” 






M.M. Voice Performance, With Honors and Distinction in Performance, New England Conservatory, 1999

M.M. Opera Performance, With Distinction in Performance, New England Conservatory, 2000

Bachelor of Music Voice Performance, Outstanding Music Graduate, with Honors and Distinction in Performance, San Diego State University, 1997

Special Training:

Music Together level 1, Teacher Training Certificate- 2012

Teaching Experience

*Teaches Applied Voice at the University of Massachusetts. Boston, 2006- present

*Teaches Applied Voice at the St. Pauls School, Concord, NH beginning 2017
Courses: Applied Voice MUS 185/6, Musical Theater History THRART 303

Voice Instructor, 2002 - present/ Early Childhood Education, 2011- present
Powers Music School, Belmont, MA

Past positions:

Franklin School for the Performing Arts

Voice Instructor, 2006-2007
Rhode Island Philharmonic School of Music